War Robots Hack Get Unlimited Gold Using Latest Tool

Got stuck at the same level due to insufficient funds? We understand how arduous it is to pass a certain level when you don't have enough funds. Well, we understand how difficult it is to get the in-game currency. Moreover, not everyone likes to spend money on a game. Isn't it?

You need to win multiple battles to gain sufficient funds and it takes a lot of effort and time. To fight and win the victory for your team, you need to have an innumerable number of weapons. However, gaining weapons, robots, and other items that are required to beat the opponent can be acquired if and only if you have enough in-game currency. For this reason, we have decided to make things easy for you so that you can have fun while playing.  

Before we explain to you about our hack tool, we would like to share a few things about the War Robots game. If you're already a War Robot player, then you can skip this part and scroll down the page.  

About War Robots

War Robots is a popular MMO game which is known as Walking War Robots. It is an exciting and amazing action-based multiplayer game with 6 versus 6 battles. You can play and win the battle against opponents from all over the world in real-time.  

Since 2014, the game has been providing exciting features and gameplay that is attracting thousands of players every year. War Robots is designed by a Russian game developer team named Pixonic. Because of the amazing PvP type of battle and equipped with powerful guns, killing and destroying all in its path, War Robots has gained huge popularity. 

Just like many mobile games, War Robots also come with in-game currency like gold and silver. These currencies allow you to purchase a variety of items like robots, new upgrades, machines, and many more. You will be able to earn rewards in gold and silver while progressing your levels.  

About War Robots In-game currency

War Robots offers five different types of currencies in the game. They are Gold, Silver, Power cells, Black market keys, and components. Let's get to know about gold and silver as they play a major role in upgrading your robots. 


Acquiring gold is beneficial in the game. When you level-up each level you'll be rewarded with 50 gold. Moreover, you can also gain gold by playing in battles and getting more kills. You can use the gold to purchase different high-quality robots, weapons, and other items in the game.  


Obtaining silver is very easy in the game and it is also most beneficial to you. You can purchase most robots and upgrade them using silver.  

It is not easy to win every game you play and there is no guarantee that you'll get the silver and gold. However, you're lucky, since you've reached the right page where you can grab access to an amazing hack tool that will let you get unlimited gold and silver.  

About our Hack Tool

Our hack tool is designed to reduce the difficulty of players who are in need of silver and gold. You might have come across a huge number of fake generators and you think that this just another fake generator. Well, we're sorry, you're wrong this time. Fake generators gain huge popularity as they don't have anything to produce and will not get banned for it. However, we need to ensure that our account is safe so that we can generate resources to our users.  

Earlier, we have not exposed our hack tool to a lot of people due to some restrictions. But now, we came up with an upgrade that will handle all the security issues in split seconds. With this, we can assure you that you'll get not get disappointed once you use our tool.  

Feature of our tool

  • Generate unlimited Gold and Silver 
  • Proxy support 
  • No password required 
  • Free of virus and malware 
  • AES encryption 
  • Anti-ban system 
  • Safe and secure to use 
  • Works on any device 

How to use our hack tool?

To access our tool, all you have to do is to follow a few simple steps.  

  • Enter your game email address or username. 
  • Select your device 
  • Select Country. 
  • Enter the number of gold you want to generate. 
  • Click on Start Generate option. 

Our tool will start processing your request and credit the gold into your game account within a few seconds.  

Is our tool safe to use? 

Our developers have made numerous tests and ensured that it will work under any circumstance. You can turn on AES encryption to connect to our server securely. When you are using our server your IP address will be and the game username will get encrypted. This means that you don't have to worry about getting banned from the game when you use our hack tool.  

Our anti-ban feature will make your account secured and no one can detect that you are generating the gold and silver using our tool. You can make use of our War robots hack anytime from anywhere in the world. We are continuously working on our tool to make a lot of improvements to make it more useful to our users.  

How to earn Gold in the game? 

When you reach a new level in the game you can earn up to 50 Gold. Winning war on the battlefield will help you win medals and procure gold. If you're the winning team of the battle, then you can win four medals.  

Each medal you win in the game comes with a different gold amount. For suppose, if you win the battle in the first place, then you will be rewarded with the Valor Medal that comes with 5 Gold.. If you won the battle in second place, then you can win 3 Gold and 1 Gold for winning in the third place.  

Every day, you will get two missions that need to be completed. When you complete the daily missions you can earn the Gold. Another method to earn gold is by spending your real money.  

How to get Silver in the game? 

Earning the silver on the battlefields is very easy. The total damage you will cause to your opponents will help you to earn Silver. Also, the number of amazing hits that could destroy the weapon or reduce the speed of the robot and the number of robots you have destroyed in the battles will help you attain more Silver. While playing the game, you can also capture Beacons to earn Silver.  

When you win a battle or a match you have the chance to get 50% bonus in silver coins. Moreover, if you win the first three consecutive matches of the day, then you can gain 30,000 silver additionally. The final way to get silver is by only purchasing it by exchanging the gold. Below is the amount of Silver you can earn by purchasing it with Gold. 

  • Get 500K Silver with 250 Gold. 
  • Get 1,500K Silver with 650 Gold 
  • Get 5,000K Silver by spending 2,000 Gold 
  • Get 15,000K Silver with 5,600 Gold 
  • Get 50,000K Silver with 18,500 Gold 

If you are not ready to spend Gold or real money, then you can consider using our hack tool. 

Tips and Tricks, you need to know in War Robots

We have mentioned a few tips and tricks which might help you in enhancing your skills in the game.  

  • You can easily earn Silver and experience points every time you win a battle. Earning more experience points will help you to upgrading the skills of your robot. 
  • Once you reach level 20, you can acquire Workshop points which will let you beat the opponents easily. 
  • You can find a variety of 16 robots that can be purchased and upgraded in the game.  
  • To build a powerful killing machine, you should always make sure that you are upgrading your robots every time.  
  • With Gold, you can unlock hangar slots and purchase powerful robots and items.  
  • Choose a manual targeting option instead of auto-targeting as it works in weird ways. 
  • To gain more points in a battle, you need to get a huge number of beacons from your opponents.  
  • If you are looking to use a particular weapon in the game, then click on that big icon or individual guns to fire everything at once.  
  • You can find different types of weapons available in the game such as ballistic missiles and plasma guns. By analyzing their skills, you can make a unique combination of a robot and a weapon.  
  • When you reach higher levels, you will get the chance to unlock powerful robots.